#kindnessninjas The October Challenge

Allie Apels and The Kindness Ninjas: I recently had the amazing Allie Apels of @joysofkinder on my podcast to discuss the transformative power of her brainchild "Kindness Ninjas" Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in her kindergarten class (#kindnessninjas). Essentially, a few years ago, when Allie was faced with one of the most challenging groups of … Continue reading #kindnessninjas The October Challenge

E: 70 Kindness Ninjas (With Allie Apels)

Kindness has the power to change even the toughest class! Allie Apels is a mother of two, a wife, kindergarten teacher, and Sensei to her KINDergarten Kindness Ninjas based out of Airdrie Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about empowering her little ninjas to become kind, contributing citizens, and change makers. With their red headbands, stealth, … Continue reading E: 70 Kindness Ninjas (With Allie Apels)