Are you ready to make your big impact?



Watch my 2 minute videos that guide you through the 21-Day Challenge. Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with your own unique and authentic ideas for the challenge. Let me take the guess-work out of the equation!
Print off a calendar for your fridge or classroom to help give you some direction during the 21-Day Small Act Big Impact Challenge!

The Possibilities are endless!

Check out my blog for real-world examples of “SMALL ACT BIG IMPACT MAKERS!”

  • Write an anonymous note for someone telling them they are loved
  • Tell your Mom or Dad what you specifically love about them
  • Spend some quality time with your brother or sister
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Say “hi” to and smile at all of the people you see today
  • Have a toonie party in lieu of gifts and donate half of your birthday money to charity
  •  Start a donation drive for those in need
  • Donate food to a local food bank (year round)
  • Donate some of your gently used items on Varagesale  or Salvation Army
  • Take a moment to write your favourite teacher a note explaining why they mean so much to you
  • Start a lemonade stand and donate your money to a good cause
  • Thank your bus driver by baking some homemade cookies
  • Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Buy someone’s coffee
  • Introduce yourself to the new kid
  • Decide that you’re going to start a conversation with someone you don’t know today
  • Volunteer for causes that move you!
  • Give someone a gift…just because
  • Give your seat up for someone else
  • Hold the door open for everyone you can today
  • Anonymously leave encouraging notes on post-its for people to find
  • Stick up for a friend in a tricky situation
  • Raise money for the Red Cross
  • Pick up trash
  • Find out your teacher/coworker’s favourite treat and surprise them on an ordinary day
  • Babysit for someone for free
  • Donate to a charity that lights you up!
  • Give someone a great big tip
  • Help a friend buy groceries or gifts
  • Donate to a shelter
  • Take dinner to someone today
  • Make cards for soldiers overseas
  • Donate used books
  • Leave money in a vending machine
  • Support a local business
  • Take supplies to a local animal shelter
  • Take treats to the local fire or police department
  • Feed the birds
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  • Leave a happy affirmation for someone to find (use post-its, chalk, or dry erase marker on a window or mirror)
  • Pass out stickers to kids in line
  • Give treats to the mail carrier
  • Do a secret act of kindness for someone
  • Leave a kind note on the hood of someone’s car
  • Babysit for free
  • Help a neighbour with some yard work
  • Donate toys to a local charity
  • Make silly jokes to make people laugh
  • Find something you do well and offer it to others to add value to their lives (e.g. Photography, painting, organizing, picking out clothing, cooking, baking)
  • Cheer on a friend to conquer their fear of something
  • Take notice and offer to help with something that needs to be cleaned or put away
  • Compliment a friend or stranger genuinely
  • Volunteer for a local animal shelter
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Let someone go in front of you in the lineup
  • Write a letter to advocate for an important social cause
  • Offer to help someone carry something, especially if their hands are full
  • Write a thank you note to someone who has been a positive influence on you
  • Offer to help someone with their school work
*It is important to get the permission of a trusted adult before engaging in any of these activities and actions if you are under the age of 18!