Jelly Donut book

This activity is designed for early primary (Grade K-2) and would serve as a great accompaniment for the book The Jelly Donut Difference by Maria Dismondy.  Here’s the YouTube version read by the author. It’s a cute book with cross-cultural connections that talks about the concepts of kindness, loneliness, and how small acts can make a big difference in this world.


How I would teach it in the classroom:

  1. Before reading, access prior knowledge by asking the students to reflect upon a time they felt like they didn’t belong, lonely or when they might have felt left out. Ask them to explore what made them feel better. (What’s handy is that the author has provided some hand before, during, and after-reading reflection questions about the text!)
  2. Read the book The Jelly Doughnut Difference as a read-aloud with the whole class. During the book, ask students to talk about the feelings Ms. Mavis might have since her children live so far away. Ask the students to think about their neighbours and the concept of “it takes a village.”
  3. After reading the book, you might want to revisit the Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Kindness Challenge with your students and brainstorm some kind ideas they could do for the neighbourhood and in the school! Record the responses and ideas on an anchor chart (you might want to use a big paper doughnut for your anchor chart or have your students record their ideas on sticky notes. They can stick the sticky notes to the big donut to create sprinkles.
  4. Individually, students care use this template to record their favourite or individual ideas for doing kind acts. Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.16.19 PM
  5. You could even extend the activity by having them bring doughnuts into the staffroom as their first kind act or you could have them make doughnuts, themselves, to bring home to their families.


Leave a comment below to share how you used and adapted this lesson for your classroom! I always get inspired by people’s stories and the things they do. You might just inspire someone today!

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