This book has super cute illustrations and a great storyline that explores the process of making friends, belonging, and loneliness.

peanut butter and cupcake book

It tells the story of how sometimes it takes a while to find the right friends, but that it’s important not to give up trying! Here is the YouTube version of the author reading the story. 

It ties in really well to the Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Kindness Challenge and to special days like Kindness Day and Pink Shirt Day.

Here are some great lesson ideas and templates from The Happy Teacher Blog. Check out her lessons and freebies from Teachers-Pay-Teachers .

Here’s how I would teach it in the classroom to accompany the Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Kindness Challenge:

  1. Before reading the book, I would ask the students to define what a friend is through A/B partner work or as a group.
  2. Then, I would ask students to describe a time they made a new friends and identify some of the feelings that they felt. Making friends can be a vulnerable process; make sure to validate each share-out. Write these feelings onto an anchor chart, the board, or a shared document.
  3. Next, I would ask the students to think about different ways to make friends. Students could do this in partners, writing their answers on sticky notes or more informally in the group setting.
  4. During the reading, I would make sure to do a Think-Aloud to high-light some of the feelings associated with rejection when you are navigating the difficult waters of making and maintaining friends. Ask the students to make connections to their own lives.
  5. After the reading, over the next three days, I might explore any or all of the three following writing prompts (click on each title or image for the backline master).
  6. You might want to organize a bake-off and make some cupcakes for individuals in your school, as part of a fundraiser for an important cause, or to share with local businesses and community organizations.

List 5 ways to make friends

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.40.21 PM

Write about a time you were a good friend

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.40.29 PM

Write about a time you were not a good friend (This could be a very powerful tool for reflection and restitution.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.40.36 PM

Leave a comment below to share how you used and adapted this lesson for your classroom! I always get inspired by people’s stories and the things they do. You might just inspire someone today!

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