Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.51.59 PMThis is such a fun idea for the holidays! It’s always fun to give gifts throughout the holidays, and the very best kinds of gifts are of the homemade variety. Without questions, baked goods are an inexpensive, fun, and rewarding way to spread Christmas cheer. Here’s a way to encourage the spirit of giving and pay-it-forward: (idea from

Basically, every receiver of the cookie plate gets the joy of eating yummy cookies, then filling the plate again to pass on to the next person.

How to create your own cookie plate:

  • white plate
  • paint markers
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cotton balls
  1. Clean the plate using rubbing alcohol to prepare it for the marker.
  2. Make sure not to touch the plate afterward because the paint pen won’t stick on greasy fingerprints.
  3. Read the pen instructions and apply messages: “Fill the plate” “Share the joy” “Pay-it-forward” “Happy Holidays” “Enjoy the treats” “Pass it on” “Spread the joy”
  4. Place plates in a cold oven and heat to 350 degrees F for an hour then shut the oven off and let the plates cool within it.
  5. Make a bunch of these to hand out to neighbours, other classes, family members, friends, staff members, teachers, educational assistants and spread the joy, one plate at a time!
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  7. Here are some yummy treat ideas from that you could make with your class or your students: