My 2nd Podcast Episode with Seth Godin

So a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Seth Godin (New York Times Bestselling Author, TED speaker, blogger, podcast host, and marketing guru) to discuss creativity and his new book, The Practice. Here's the interview link for your commute or's worth a listen: Here's what I learned about creative ventures: You have … Continue reading My 2nd Podcast Episode with Seth Godin

Creativity and Our Teachers…

Creativity is accessible to all folks! Here are some teachers who are embracing their creative tendencies both in and out of the classroom: Megan Chow has been teaching for over a decade at her local high-school and is the mother of two young, busy boys in a small West Coast town in British Columbia. When … Continue reading Creativity and Our Teachers…

Seven Super Ideas for Celebrating Kindness in February

It's month. Loving others, loving neighbors, loving our students, loving our children, and yes, you guessed it, loving ourselves.  Photo by Maksim Romashkin on Here are 7 Spectacular ways you can incorporate kindness lessons and activities with your classroom, school, or your very own children:1. Kindness Rocks - How to start this inclusive project in … Continue reading Seven Super Ideas for Celebrating Kindness in February

Self-Care: An Invitation for Your Workplace

This year has been tough. No doubt about it. The more this pandemic continues, the more unsure things seem to be getting. Nerves are shot. Frustrations are high. Anxiety can be crippling. All of the uncertainty comes with big emotions, highs and lows. Burnout is looming for many of us educators, parents, and anyone on … Continue reading Self-Care: An Invitation for Your Workplace

World Kindness Day Giveaway #smallactbigimpact

I don't know about you, but I think if ever there was a time for a little extra kindness, this is IT! Kindness boosts our connection to one another, helps soothe our anxiety, and brings about a sense of psychological safety. Let's mobilize kindness and make a big impact, together, one small act at a time!

Overwhelmed in 2020? Small Steps Towards Educator Replenishment

It’s no surprise that the Covid-19 Pandemic has left educators more stressed than ever. According to a recent study (Blintiff et al., 2020), teacher wellness has decreased and overall stress has increased dramatically throughout the Pandemic. Educators are worried about the well-being of their students, they are experiencing stress as they scramble to meet the … Continue reading Overwhelmed in 2020? Small Steps Towards Educator Replenishment

Ep. 89: How to be “Teacher of the Year” (With Kayla Dornfeld)

Kayla Dornfeld is the 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year, and Mrs. West Fargo International. Kayla is a two-time (2017 and 2018) Global Hundred honoree, recognizing her as 1 of the top 100 innovative educators in the world. The New York Times named her "one of the tech-savviest teachers in the United States". She has … Continue reading Ep. 89: How to be “Teacher of the Year” (With Kayla Dornfeld)

21-Days of (Physically-Distanced) Kindness

As we make preparations to move back into the classroom in British Columbia, tensions are high and people across sectors are scrambling to accommodate back-to-work orders in a physically-distanced, Covid-pandemic era. I've been scouring the internet for ideas that will enable me to continue supporting my students' online learning and Social Emotional Learning, while attempting … Continue reading 21-Days of (Physically-Distanced) Kindness

Marble-Jar Trust (Brené Brown)

When starting up the year, I often refer to Dr. Brené Brown's brilliant concept of the Marble Jar. Imagine that the trust in each of the relationships in your life is represented by a marble jar. At it's core, Brené (yes, like most humans my age, I would like to imagine that we are on a first-name … Continue reading Marble-Jar Trust (Brené Brown)