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Ever have one of those days?

The ones where you don’t show up as a








or human

the way you hoped or wished to?

Maybe you’ve lashed out uncharacteristically, been unable to find ‘common ground’, have had difficulty finding your assertive voice (allowing people to take advantage of you), been especially demanding, or just feel like somehow, you’ve fallen short of the ‘fun’ ‘smart’ or ‘entertaining’ person you believe you should be.

In reading recent Facebook posts, witnessing indignation on the roads, sensing the palpable impatience in the air at the grocery store, venting with family, catching-up with colleagues, friends, and gym buddies, it’s clear that many of us are feeling the drawn-out effects of winter and we’re all feeling a little stretched.

We’re tired.

We’re emotional.

We feel like hibernating.

We want to rewind to a time when our biggest problems were deciding who to sit next to at lunch or what to wear the next day.

We’re short-tempered.

We’re not as optimistic as we hope to be.

We wonder what’s wrong with us!

Some of us feel embarrassed, ashamed or a little stuck.

And, many of us sit alone in it.

But, you’re not alone. The thing is almost NOBODY likes to share their struggles as they’re happening. There’s something poetic and acceptable in reflecting on past challenges, but it feels uncomfortable and impossible to show up and be seen when we’re suffering.

Today started off as one of those. Early morning power struggles, incessant whingeing from my littles, and a noticeable lack of caffeine in my bloodstream, culminated into a less-than-impressive demonstration of parenting. If I’m to be completely honest, I had a full-fledged emotional hangover by the time breakfast finally rolled around.

We needed a break from the cycle of negativity. Not even the glimmer of sunshine on the horizon was shaking us out of our gloom.

That’s when the idea came to me.

“Ok, guys!” I announced with desperate excitement. “We’re going to have a do-over!”

“Huh? A what?”

So, theatrically, I dragged everyone back to bed. We all lay down, snuggled under the blankets pretending to sleep. After a few seconds, I shook, hugged, and tickled them ‘awake.’

“Wake up! Wake up!” I shouted. “Good morning! It’s a new day. It’s a do-over!”

And it was. We laughed. We giggled. We forgot all about the entrenched battle for supremacy.

Sometimes, we all need a do-over.

You may not be proud of your efforts today. You may have fallen short of your goals. You may not have shown up the way you wish you had.

That’s ok!

Forgive yourself.

Stop wishing the past was different. Accept today for what it was.

Remember how much you matter. Your mindset matters.

Commit your fullest self to a do-over.

Hope is the promise that tomorrow will be different than today.





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