21951526_10214900610376888_1589517856_oMy friend Spencer is a difference maker, one of those guys who always makes it his business to make people feel happy around him.

As he says, “I like to live my life helping and spreading positivity.” He and his amazing wife, Lyndsay, are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet!

They didn’t always have it easy, however. Through their resilience they were able to overcome and triumph over one of the most difficult challenges one could ever imagine facing.

One wintery day while snowboarding on vacation, Spencer, whose day job included heavy manual labour, was adjusting the bindings to his snowboard several yards away from a huge, parked machine used to groom the slope runs. Suddenly, before he could react, the snow-groomer turned on, revved its engine and reversed onto Spencer, crushing his leg completely. It is a miracle that he escaped that accident alive.

Many years later, after a long battle in court, numerous surgeries, endless physiotherapy, and the virtual end to his recreational career as an avid baseball player and competitive black belt master in Karate, Spencer, Lyndsay and his family knew it was time for a start fresh. It was clear that his injuries would prevent him from returning to his previous job, so he decided to look into positions in Transit and became a bus driver.

To say Spencer loves his job is an understatement. He said, “ I have a job that allows me to help [people] who are total strangers everyday.” When he learned of the 21-Day Small Act Big Impact Challenge, he immediately wrote me with this story:

“I wanted you to know that I love the  21-Day Challenge! Your video gave me a boost of enthusiasm. Yesterday, I had a great day of driving my bus and helping everyone I could, in some big, but mostly small ways.

I came into work today and was greeted by the lovely dispatcher who thanked me for starting her day off with a smile.”

Apparently, Spencer had made such a profound impact on bus-goers that three separate people called into BC Transit to thank “the nice driver of the #22 bus!” What’s incredibly interesting, and really reinforces the notion that generosity is contagious, is that the people who called in were witnesses to Spencer’s kind acts…they weren’t even the ones who were helped themselves that day!

He finished his message by asserting:

“I wanted to share this story because it seems to show how small acts can affect so many. And the positive energy I put out, came back full circle to me in less than a day.”

Maybe, someday soon, you’ll be lucky enough to ride the #22 with Spencer!

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