My friend Thora is a mother of two young kids and, like me, is currently navigating the treacherous waters of raising a boisterous toddler while tending to the needs of a young baby.

This past year has been full of obstacles and challenges for she and her family; deaths in the family, moving households three times, buying a house that unbeknownst to them needed to be immediately torn down, building a new home, having major delays with the new build, health problems during pregnancy that required weekly hospital visits and care, having a baby, and balancing life, as a whole. Despite all of this adversity, Thora continues to be one of the calmest and kindest people I know; I’m always in awe of her ability to take any difficult situation and “roll with it.”

Her new property is the site of a large orchard and beautiful garden that bear many fruits and vegetables. One day, not long after moving in, Thora gathered some of their most beautiful pears, juicy yellow plums, crispy green cucumbers, and succulent cherries into a few baskets, packed her two kids into the stroller, and delivered the harvest to a few lucky and unsuspecting neighbours.

She called me up a few days later and announced, “You’ll never guess! Yesterday, we received a tray of fresh tomatoes, veggies, and a loaf of homemade bread from our neighbour across the way. I felt so happy! I wanted to feel like we were part of a community and today, I really do!”

Generosity is contagious, it feels great, and it builds a sense of belonging.


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